Hidetaka Yamamoto Photo

Hidetaka Yamamoto

Birth 1975
Kaatsu Traning Instractor
Free Personal Trainer
Body Therapist

Health Fitness Programmer
OASIS approved Personal Trainer
KONAMI SPORTS CLUB approved Personal Trainer

Activity Discription
I used be overweight. Whan I was 20 years old, I was 80kg,so I had a big complex about my body.
I started a diet.By runnning everyday, I became 65kg.
I realized htat exercise was very important and made me so happy.
Thits is the reason why I wanted to become a sport trainer.

When I was an university student, I was into playing soccer.
I though that I needed more physical strength, so I joined the gym.
I met this industry at that time, and I started to study about sport trainer by myself.

Because I was too busy with my work, I had a migraine.
I went to the chiopractic clinic but I couldn't know the cause of my headache.
However, I met the book."Serve to Win: The 14-Day Gluten-Free Plan for Physical and Mental Excellence".
Written by Novak Dyokovic who ranked as the best tennis player in the world.
He also suffered from a feeling of tiredness and it had a bad effect on his play.
But some docter encouraged him to gluten free plan, then he didn't suffer from it anymore and his performance was improved.
I think that keep to eat regular white flour products, I get tiredness.
What's worse was that I had a headache,allergy and celiac disease.
I got much more better to eat rice,juwari-soba or soybean product instead of wheat flour products.
We also make much of gluten-free diet with our nutritionist in this Kaatsu studio.

Exclusive Gym
OASIS in Aoyama

Yuka Yamamoto Photo

Yuka Yamamoto

Facial Esthetician
La Torobada Therapist
Nutritionist and Licensed cook

I worked as a nutritionist. I used to go to the beauty salon and got a body treatment.
I felt comfortable and realax.The treatment was so nice, too. I wanted to work in a job giving beauty and relaxing.

I'd like to help you to being more beautiful and energetic.
I'd like to help your life becoming more sparkl.

Not only skin care but also inner care is important.
I hope to you become beautiful from inside body.
I have 3 important things in my lifestyle.
1,Remove my makeup the same day.
2,Don't evaporate water from my skin.
3,Get nutritionally balanced food.

Concept of Torobada

Many people makes a big effort to become a woman(or man) who they want be.
We will support you with same goal and mind.
We hope you enjoy our Kaatsu training, beauty salon,learning about health and relaxation time.