【Personal training】
60min : ¥7,000
90min : ¥10,000

70min : ¥8,000
Improve your body which has various kinds of problems.
*Have some strechs before and after training.

【Shaping program】
60min : ¥8,000
Training for 45min.
Cardio exercise for 15min.(run on the treadmill or boxercise)
Have a protein drink.
*Schedules of trainig and cardio ecercise will change by each person.
We will explain the program at first time.

【Totall support program】
90min : ¥10,000
This program is good for bigginers.
You can learn basic things.(how to move your joint, how to breathe durning traning, basic form etc…)
After the training, we do some pair stretch for to reduce your fatigue.

【Pair Stretch】
15min : ¥1,500~
*If you have any questions about this program, please ask us.

【Visiting trainer】
60min : ¥10,000+travel cost
90min : ¥14,000+travel cost
*Travel cost depends on the place and facilities.
If you have any questions, please ask us.